Mood Problems

Depression, including sadness, difficulty enjoying life, rumination and feeling hopeless.

Obsessions & Compulsions

Excessive thoughts that lead to repetitive behaviours or self-judgment.

Grief & Loss

Response to losing a loved one, adjusting to role shifts and transitioning to a new life stages.


Worry, social anxiety, panic attacks and feeling 'keyed up' and 'on edge'.

Stress & Adjustment

Coping with difficult situations, burn-out, feeling agitated and angry.

Self Esteem & Confidence

Problems with how we see ourselves and the ability to achieve the goals we have for our life.


Difficulties from traumatic and stressful events, including assaults, accidents and childhood abuse and neglect.

Relationships & Attachment

Functioning in relationships, intimacy and the style with which we attach to friends, family and partners.

Other Problems

Workplace psychological injuries, pain management, addictions, eating disorders and other problems.

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