Selma is a culturally sensitive psychologist, clinical psychology registrar, and researcher. As a scientist-practitioner, she has experience in the short and long-term treatment of a broad range of mental health conditions across the lifespan and different settings, including university, aged care, and hospital inpatient and outpatient clinics.

Selma is passionate about creating a non-judgmental and safe space where people from all walks of life are treated with dignity and respect. Working collaboratively with clients, she tailors evidence-based treatments to the person’s needs, values, and treatment goals while always considering the person’s psychological, physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. Her therapeutic style can be best described as compassionate, down-to-earth, honest, transparent, respectful, encouraging, and direct. Selma draws on a range of therapeutic techniques, including CBT, CPT, ACT, solution-focused brief therapy, and other strengths-based approaches.

Selma has a long-standing interest in supporting people with PTSD and/or other co-occurring trauma-related mental health difficulties. Exploring how biased attention to threat may lead to the development and maintenance of war-related PTSD was the focus of her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and neuroscience.

Selma is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Psychologist & Researcher
Centre for Mental Health, Swinburne University
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