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‘The elevator will not take me to Level 1’

It may be because the code has not been entered or the time to activate the elevator has been exceeded.

1. Please exit through the main entrance to the building that you just came through. 

2. Re-enter the access code into the keypad (remember to include the # at the end of the 4-digit code)

3. Enter the lobby 

4. Enter the elevator and press’ Level 1′ again. 

‘I’ve entered the access code, but the elevator is still not taking me to Level 1.

Our apologies. There may be a problem with the elevator. 

1. Please take a seat in the Ground floor lobby 

2. SMS your therapist by responding to the reminder SMS (the one with the access code in it). Let them know that the elevator is not working. 

3. Your therapist will collect you from the Ground Floor lobby to take you to your appointment. 

Thank you for your patience!


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