Benjamin Shields

I am a clinical psychologist with 14 years experience as a psychologist. I work with a range of conditions, including low mood and depression, anxiety (including worry, panic, and social anxiety), and responses to traumatic events (including single events, and trauma and neglect that occurred in childhood). I am very passionate about my field and helping people achieve positive change within themselves, and in their lives. 

I like to break conditions down carefully into their parts to make sure that the factors that led to the problem are addressed alongside the main presentation to increase the prospect of permanent change. I am interested in the ways that the nervous system and mind interact, using top down, and bottom-up approaches to treatment. I am interested in attachment style and emotion regulation, and training the mind and brain to strengthen the relationship with the self and create new ways of being.

Our field is evolving faster than ever due to new technologies and treatment methods. As therapists, we can contribute to that evolution through research (and supporting research) that investigates why, and how, treatments work, (and don’t). That work can result in improvement to the ways we treat different problems generally, and with specific populations. I am grateful to be doing a Phd focusing on several brain networks involved in posttraumatic stress disorder, and neurofeedback as an adjunct to cognitive processing therapy to help people to recover from exposure to more extreme stressors. 

I am very proud of Spencer Street Psychology and to be working with the people I work with. 

Clinical Psychologist
MPsych(Clinical), MAPS & PhD candidate
Centre for Mental Health, Swinburne University
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