Angela Gale

I have a deep interest in working relationally with people and supporting them through their goals. Many people have experienced relational wounds, like betrayal, neglect, silent treatment, bullying, verbal and emotional abuse, which can be long lasting. Sometimes it can be less obvious and more subtle, like being encouraged to ‘be brave and not cry’ when feeling deeply hurt and unsupported. Trauma and childhood wounds can disrupt someone’s life immediately or take many years to impact negatively. 

The concerns people often present with are anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, perfectionism, anger, self-development needs, trauma, dissociation, emotionally stymied or overwhelmed, or difficulty starting or maintaining relationships. I guide and support people to change what is in their control. This means people have an improved ‘foundation’ to function cognitively, emotionally, and behaviourally. 

I continue to pursue new evidenced-based approaches to working with people and adapt treatment to the individual. This means during your first session I will gather information about what has brought you to seek help, the current and past relevant circumstances, how you want to benefit from therapy, and we then together find the best path forward. Some of the approaches I use include IPT, Attachment Repair, Trauma Therapy, Parts Work, Schema Therapy, CBT/ACT, MBT, and a few more. I have also completed the Specialist Course in Couples Counselling from Relationships Australia and see couples for a range of concerns such as, communication problems, ways of fighting better, and feeling distant or uncared for.

In addition to attending and hosting professional developments in the field, I have been a member of the Australian Psychological Society National Executive since 2015, and am the Victoria State Section Chair for the APS College of Counselling Psychologists. 

Feel free to check out my website If you would like to touch base with me before booking in your first appointment you can. Finding the right fit with a psychologist is like putting on your favourite pair of shoes.

Counselling Psychologist
Couples Counsellor
BSc (Psychology/Psychophysiology), BA (Hons Psychology), MCounsPsych, MCCOUNP, FAPS

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